Downloading the database

You will find the download link of the current database set below. It is delivered as a zipped MySQL dump and can easily be imported back to a mysql server. The standard download does not contain the website screensots (more than 6 GB of data). If you need those please don't hesitate to contact me.

Further explanation of the table contained in the test set can be found on the explanation page.

Zipped MySQL dump of the Phishload databaseDownload
Screenshots for the current set (not included)Contact me

License and Disclaimer

You may use this dump for free but please give me credit where possible and tell me what you used it for. Besides there is no guarantee that every website has been correctly assigned and that every assignment makes perfect sense. When assigning such a large number of websites manually some errors will always occur. Please be aware that some of the captured websites may contain offensive or explicit content or even links to malware. The university or the author are in now way responsible for any effects that may occur by using the test set.