Exercise 11 - Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion 1 (MMI 1) 
Wintersemester 2008/09

Exercise 11 - MMI 1

Topic: Quantitative User Studies

21. Final Report

Finish your research and document your findings. Check your results for statistical significance. Hand in a concise report and the raw data of your experiments.

Closing Notes

If you cannot attend the last tutorial on 02/04. February, I wish you luck for your upcoming exams and a relaxing lecture-free time. We are still looking for tutors for the summer term. Please contact me or Sara Streng if you want to know more. You will receive an invitation for the evaluation of this course from UniWorx in the next weeks. Please fill in the questionnaire - it helps us to improve lecture and tutorials. Und warum habe ich das jetzt auf Englisch geschrieben?!


Submit your solution via UniWorx.
Unless otherwise specified, all files have to be either Adobe PDF or UTF-8 plain text. All other files will be automatically deleted.
Please put all files belonging to one sub-task of this assignment into a sub-folder inside the ZIP file.
UniWorx will tell you about missing files. Some files may be marked as "unerwartet" - this is ok.


Do not use any other directory layout.

Deadline: Monday, 02.02.2009, 09:00 (UTC+1)