Exercise 7 - Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion 1 (MMI 1) 
Wintersemester 2008/09

Exercise 7 - MMI 1

Topic: Heuristic Evaluation

13. Summary

a) Write a summary (100-300 words) of the lectures on "Evaluation Techniques".

b) How would you evaluate the usability of
Give reasons for your choice of evaluation methods.

14. Heuristic Evaluation

Your task is to conduct an heuristic evaluation using Nielsen's Ten Usability Heuristics. Check whether/how they apply to SIP-Communicator, a cross-platform, multi-protocol VOIP phone/instant messenger. Download the latest nightly build. Each member of the group should do an independent review. Combine your results and give a severity rating for each problem found. For each problem try to give a short hint how to solve it.
Write a report including a short description of the task, the software, and the way you have done the evaluation. Please try to give constructive critique.
We plan to give the results to the developers. Please state in your report (last line) if you permit us to do this. This has no effect on grading.


Submit your solution via UniWorx.
Unless otherwise specified, all files have to be either Adobe PDF or UTF-8 plain text. All other files will be automatically deleted.
Please put all files belonging to one sub-task of this assignment into a sub-folder inside the ZIP file.
UniWorx will tell you about missing files. Some files may be marked as "unerwartet" - this is ok.


Do not use any other directory layout.

Deadline: Monday, 15.12.2008, 09:00 (UTC+1)