Exercise 6 - Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion 1 (MMI 1) 
Wintersemester 2008/09

Exercise 6 - MMI 1

Topic: Paper Prototyping

11. Summary

a) Write a summary (300-400 words) of the lectures on "Analyzing the Requirements" "Designing Interactive Systems".

b) Describe the relationship between Implementation Model, Represented Model, Conceptual Model, and Mental Model using the Windows 'Trash Bin' as an example. 

12. Paper Prototype

Your task is to design a paper prototype of a direct-manipulation file manager for interactive tabletops. This filemanager is run fullscreen on an interactive tabletop like the one in our Instrumented Room. You can assume that the system is multi-touch capable. The file manager should have at least the following features:
Keep efficiency of actions in mind.

To fulfill this task, the following steps need to be taken:
  1. Describe the basic concept of your application in less than 150 words.
  2. Identify the main tasks users are going to do and shortly describe them in a few sentences.
  3. Design the key screens of your application. Also, be sure to model important interactions that users have to carry out. Utilize the paper prototyping technique and document the design (digital photos / scans of your screens and the interaction performed).
  4. Test your prototype on at least three different users. Incorporate their feedback into your concept. Summarize the feedback and describe the resulting changes in your design.
Prepare a short presentation (as a PDF slide show or a paper prototype) for the next exercise session (24./26.11.), documenting your progress so far. Bring it with you on a USB stick or laptop, or send it to raphael.wimmer@ifi.lmu.de.

Document your finished design in a report. It should cover all steps of the assignment. Be sure to include pictures of your prototype.


Submit your solution via UniWorx.
Unless otherwise specified, all files have to be either Adobe PDF or UTF-8 plain text. All other files will be automatically deleted.
Please put all files belonging to one sub-task of this assignment into a sub-folder inside the ZIP file.
UniWorx will tell you about missing files. Some files may be marked as "unerwartet" - this is ok.


Do not use any other directory layout.

Deadline: Monday, 01.12.2008, 09:00 (UTC+1)